Aurélie Quentin


    Aurélie Quentin is a French Artist with Italian and Russian roots. Born in 1984, she grew up on a tropical island nearby South Africa called La Réunion. After graduating in Architecture in Paris, she soon chooses painting as a mean to express her creativity through large figurative portraits. With oil painting, Aurélie Quentin shows a rebellious and mixed youth in an urban and often tropical scenery.

A Tropical & Ambivalent Context

The kaleidoscope of tropical colours, the brutality of light as well as the delicacy coming from it nourishes her pictorial work. The young artist’s characters stand in "everyday life" sceneries, laid back’s instants, which are magnified on canvas.A sort of incongruity is noticed through an attitude, a detail that kind of criticises the standardization of taste.

Irreverent Youth

When choosing her models, Aurélie Quentin enhances multiracialism, which for her represent the pinnacle of human beauty and are evidently omnipresent in Reunion Island.Her characters know that they are being observed, a dialogue is then engaged with the spectator.They have in their attitude a hint of contempt and a certain irreverence that suggest a fullness of the moment, disregarding what people might will say. The nonchalance of a pose could be interpreted as provocative or enticing, but it is not so. Only the comfort of the moment counts, all due respect to the dictate of an old-fashioned and misled decency.

The Art of Idleness

The models appropriate an art of doing nothing. Idleness now taboo, while being praised by philosophers since antiquity.Her painting, as an allegory of an assumed chill, portrays an irreverent youth claiming the simplicity of happiness.The features of her brushes draw a "state of being" that gives back nobleness to lazing around. The time of inactivity is the one giving birth to activity, innovation, creation, and the one that allows us to really draw back from the pressure of a productivist societal dogma. When contemplating Aurélie Quentin’s work, one is being offered an opportunity to think about a right to laziness, a right to lightness and about a certain "lost time".

Aurélie Quentin

The artist at work

Artist value certified: Aurélie Quentin's works have been evaluated by an independent expert.

Certification 2019 : €1,350.00
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on Jul 15, 2019.
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Prizes and Awards

2022 Prix Sennelier dans le cadre du salon Art Capital Paris, France

2017 1er prix du Concours de la Biennale d'Art de l'Eperon Saint-Paul, France

Solo Expositions

2019 Fondation OFI-AM Paris, France

2018 Galerie Des Lumières et des Ailes Paris, France

Collective Expositions

2022 Salon des Artistes Français au Grand Palais Ephémère Paris, France

2021 Exposition The Echo of Silence à la Galerie Ange Monnoyeur Paris, France

2021 Exposition Cyberpunk à la Galerie Goldshteyn Saatort Paris, France

2019 Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Paris, France

2019 Filleul Galerie Charleroi, Belgium

2019 Affordable Art Fair, Galerie Opus Bruxelles, Belgium

2019 Musée Stella Matutina, Galerie Opus Saint-Leu, France

2019 Galerie Ange Monnoyeur Paris, France

2018 Galerie 21 Tours, France

2017 Galerie Des Lumières et des Ailes, Avenue Kléber Paris, France

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