Aurélie Quentin


Diva la Kour
      Born in 1984, Aurélie Quentin is immersed in Art from a young age. Her father, painter himself and art collector, passes on to her this passion for Art. She moves to Paris at the age of 18 to study Architecture.

After too many winters, she returns to La Réunion and rediscover the colours explosions, the lights intensity, the flavours richness, the sweetness of an island rhythm. 6 months after she returns, she is the victim of a serious accident. She is then immobilized for several months after being close to death. This accident will forever change the way she sees life.
This convalescence allows her to get back to painting and so realize what is most important in her life. Giving herself to painting also meant giving up architecture, giving up temporarily a quality of life. Considering the look of society, the first year was challenging. But the enthusiasm generated by her first Paris exhibition will forever seal her choice of an artist’s life.

Aurélie Quentin’s artistic creativity not only expresses through paintings. Trombonist in a brass band, pianist, she is also an active member of an artistic collective inspired by the Afro-punk culture. Her love for music influences her artistic creativity and nourishes her pictorial work. Aurélie Quentin always paints listening to music and often links a title in the description of her work on social media. So the spectator can feel what guided her brushes.

Travel lover, her art evolves, shaped by the richness of new encounters and landscapes. In her recent creations, the influence of her last trip to Cuba and New-Orleans can be found.
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